Pregnant? New mum? – Congratulations!

As a new mum, breastfeeding can seem like a big thing. Even though it is the most natural thing in the world… But hang in there! There are so MANY BENEFITS OF BREASTFEEDING, for example:

  • It is always available and the perfect temperature – so super convenient for tired mums at any place, any time during the day (and night!). Oh, and of course while travelling, in the middle of your best friend’s wedding ceremony or at a dinner party. Nature makes sure we don’t have to miss out on anything!
  • It is totally free!
  • Breastmilk is the most superior food for infants since it is the perfect composition for them. And did you know that breastmilk is constantly changing, even during a single feed, all according to the different needs of the baby? Like the degree of the baby’s thirst, the time of the day, the age of the baby or during sickness. If you breastfeed two babies and each of them has their “own” boob, the milk will even differ from one breast to the other, adjusted to the respective child! There is no other food in this world that is so much custom made. And this is all made by YOUR body!
  • Nursing is much, much more than just food. It is a fantastic way of bonding with your baby. It provides comfort, security, togetherness, plus it is such a loving way to accompany your child in the first months and years of his life throughout all development and challenges.
  • Breastmilk is a great booster for your child’s immune system.


Be prepared for some challenging and many, many wonderful hours of breastfeeding.

Next time I’ll share some tips on things that help to make breastfeeding as easy and problem free right from the beginning. Until then, you might want to have a look at some awesome, fun, cool, stylish or comfortable nursing wear that might become your most important and beloved companion for the coming time.

Here a lovely, soft dress that has both room for a baby belly and won’t feel tight or make you worry about your tummy after giving birth. Yet, it is elegant and comes in many colours. Once autumn comes, you can just wear it with a cardigan.

Black nursing dress in bamboo jersey

Black nursing dress in bamboo jersey

Another great choice with a more urban design is this cool dress:

Loose nursing dress in blue print with zipper nursing opening

Loose nursing dress in blue print with zipper nursing opening

which allows both belly and breastfeeding.

One of the must haves during pregnancy and beyond is practical, chemical free and super comfy maternity underwear, such as this breastfeeding top:Blue nursing top in bamboo with build-in bra

Blue nursing top in bamboo with build-in braAnd of course it is smart to have some basics in your wardrobe. We love this long sleeve nursing tee in 100% wool. Oh so cosy, and perfect for both at home, work or for a walk along the sea.

Blue pregnancy blouse with long sleeves in 100% wool

Blue pregnancy blouse with long sleeves in 100% wool

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