Most frequent causes of broken breastfeeding


It is no secret that I am a strong advocate for breastfeeding. All studies show that nursing makes healthier, stronger, and smarter children.

That is why I want to make notice of three things that after my opinion can ruin or destroy your nursing.

  1. You are too busy with other things

If nursing is stressed or hurried, your child may have problems finding the time and piece which is necessary. For example, if you are uneasy and need to check your phone, and watch the news while nursing, the uneasiness will spread and your child won’t get enough food. Therefore, be aware of creating a safe and calm environment for nursing. This is especially important when the child is very young, or if your child is very curious or gets affected by surroundings easily.

  1. You get breast inflammation (mastitis)

An evil breast inflammation can make you so ill, that you have to stop nursing for a while. The best advice is therefore to prevent yourself from evolving breast inflammation (mastitis) in the first place. What you have to do is pretty simple. Stay warm. Expose as little skin as possiple. Empty one breast completely at a time.

  1. You become dehydrated

If you forget to drink plenty of water, you can risk not being able to produce enough milk, or that your milk doesn’t taste good. That is at least my own personal experience. So make sure to drink plenty of vater.

Some of the things that can prevent breast inflammation is nursing shirts or just nursing clothes in general that will keep you warm.

Here are some suggestions:

Black and white striped nursing dress in organic cotton

Black and white striped nursing dress in organic cotton

Super soft organic nursing night gown with a round neckline and long sleeves for the cold nights. It is made of a 100% cotton and stretches all the way to your legs, so you don’t get cold on the way up to nurse and change diapers in the middle of the night. Avoid getting a cold and getting breast inflammation with this wonderful organic nursing night gown. Both pretty and practical.

Black/white striped nursing shirt with hoodie and zipper

Black/white striped nursing shirt with hoodie and zipper

Make a coup with this amazing nursing shirt.

Black and white nursing shirt with long sleeves, a hood and a zipper. The nursing shirt is made of 50% cottom and 50% viscose. It is a simple and classic design.

Black long sleeved nursing shirt with wrap look

Black long sleeved nursing shirt with wrap look

Black long sleeved nursing shirt with wrap look

You don’t want to give the sign that you just gave birth and are nursing? Then this is a safe choice. A black nursing shirt that matches everything and can be dressed both up and down. The great thing about this nursing shirt is that it has a loose fit, and that you don’t think it is a nursing shirt at all. It is also made in a super nice bamboo jersey.

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