Myths about Breastfeeding vol. 1

When you become a mother for the first time you can almost be sure to be bombarded with ever more vivid old wives tales on Breastfeeding. But what is up and what is down with these old myths? Myth no 1: ’If you are nursing to often, it is because you do not have enough milk’ – The truth is …

2 years ago

Breastfeeding on New Year’s Eve – How?

Most of us recognize the scenario: as new parents (or parents in general) a small thing like getting out the door can feel like an ordeal. So how do you prepare for your first big event with a baby? And how do you find the confidence to nurse while you’re out? Breastfeeding and New Year’s Eve do not necessarily have …

2 years ago

Why use nursing wear – is it necessary?

No not really, most of my friends did not use nursing clothes. They thought it was just a practical matter and they are absolutely right! However, I have sometimes been watching and smiling at a christening or get-together and enjoyed the “show” when baby is screaming, the breasts are leaking and the mother having no chance of getting to her …

3 years ago
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    Hello. My name is Adelaide, and it´s me who writes the blog of Milker. On my blog you will find articles about breast feeding, babies, family life and much more. I'm married and have three wonderful children. I´m the one behind design, production and costumer-contact at Milker.

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