Woolen nursing clothes

Winter is here – and so is the risk of catching colds, a nasty flu, or a nursing mother’s worst enemy: painful mastitis. Mastitis can be contracted after having been exposed to cold environments, like nursing in a draughty room, or after light freezing, for instance after taking a winter walk with your sleeping baby. You will quickly recognize the …

6 years ago

Breastfeeding! Natures greatest invention

Here I go again. Yes, I know I start preaching when it comes to nursing. But it’s just so hard for me to understand why some women choose not to nurse their children, when all research show that nursing results in smarter, healthier, and stronger kids. I know nursing doesn’t work for some women. And that’s a shame of course, but that’s how it is, and …

7 years ago

Spring on the way with new nursing clothes

I have nursed three children and nursed in all seasons and I loved every minute. Maybe not that time I had breast inflammation, but as a “soccer mom” I had to nurse everywhere in every type of weather. Except for this, everything was a pleasure. One good thing came from my breast inflammation when I nursed my second child about …

7 years ago

Winter is coming. Avoid breastfeeding problems!

In the last couple of days i have felt a coolness in the air, when getting up in the morning. The sky is also dark when getting up early. Winter is coming. I always find it very hard to say goodbye to dear summer, but on the other hand the so called “dark time” is filled with many good moments. …

8 years ago
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