Breastfeeding! Natures greatest invention

Here I go again. Yes, I know I start preaching when it comes to nursing. But it’s just so hard for me to understand why some women choose not to nurse their children, when all research show that nursing results in smarter, healthier, and stronger kids. I know nursing doesn’t work for some women. And that’s a shame of course, but that’s how it is, and you shouldn’t beat yourself if you don’t succeed. This is not what I mean.

No, what I’m talking about is women, who by their own free will choose NOT to nurse their children because of ignorance. Or because it’s unpractical and is seen unwanted by our surroundings. A phenomenon, which is beginning to spread across the western world  like England. But this phenomenon is also seen in the poorest areas of the world. Including Myanmar , where only a fourth of mothers nurse their children in the first six Months. A surprisingly small number when you think about how expensive breast milk replacement is. Luckily PlanDanmark is in the area, where they with great counseling have gotten more women to nurse their kids. Most likely the women thought breast milk replacement was better for the child than their own milk. We need to remove this kind of ignorance. Nursing is natures greatest invention!

Luckily in Scandinavia we are great at nursing. I would almost say we are the world champions. But we need to keep an eye on our future and convince the world that nursing is naturel, and that nursing in public is okay.

I have here a little inspiration for the cold times for nursing moms.

Cool mom in hootie and stripes

Black/white striped nursing shirt with hoodie and zipper

Black/white striped nursing shirt with hoodie and zipper

You will be the coolest mom wearing this 2-in-1 model. The nursing shirt consists of a black and white striped nursing shirt and a hooded cardigan. The design is relaxed and trendy and definitely does not scream nursing shirt. The 2-in-1 concept is amazing for the woman, who doesn’t want to show that you are nursing. The nursing shirt is made to look like an ordinary cardigan with pockets, but when you zip it op there is an extra underhood and a nursing opening under the breast, so nursing your child is easy.

This nursing shirt is great for women with a tendency for breast inflammation , because it has three layers made of soft wool over the breast, so the breast is kept nice and warm. So be prepared for the colder seasons with this lovely nursing dress.

Price: 108€/95£

Buy it here


Cute and cozy nursing dress

Grey striped nursing dress with pink pockets

Grey striped nursing dress with pink pockets

This lovely nursing dress with grey stripes and pink pockets is both cute and cozy. The nursing dress is made of a wool mix – that consists of wool and viscose. It has a knee length and is perfect with a pair of leggings and long boots.

This nursing dress has been a bestseller at Milker’s in many years, and there are new colour combinations every year.

Price: 84,00€/107£

Buy it here


Comfy maternity underwear – deep inside

White nursing bra in bamboo fibers

White nursing bra in bamboo fibers

Underwear that itches or is uncomfortable. Life is just too short for that. This nursing bra in bamboo-viscose is soft like a dream, and holds your breasts without being too tight. The design is sporty and simple without too many laces and details, that itch and bump out.

Price: 20€/17£

Buy it here

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