5 myths about breastfeeding

I am lucky. Every day I have contact with mothers, who breastfeed their children, and therefore they get a very speciel experience with their child. Unfortunately, I also see many myths about breastfeeding. Some of these myths have survived through older family members with the best intentions have presented these myths they have been told themselves.

That is why I´m now telling you 5 myths you should be aware of are not true.


Myth 1: If you have small breasts you might not have milk enough

I can from personal experience tell you that this myth is a lie. And luckily, all the professionals back my claim. Milk production is about supply and demand, and small breasts supply their child with all the milk they demand. Actually, having big breasts is about having more fat around your mammary glands.


Myth 2: The child only needs breastfeeding every 3-4 hour

A tough myth, created from tribes wanting to controle their child’s sleeping -and eating habits. And it´s all wrong. Off course you have to breastfeed your child when it needs it. At the same time, nursing like this can cause breast-infections and clogged milk entrances.


Myth 3: Breastfeeding gives you hanging breasts

Unfortunately, I have met many women, who didn’t breastfeed because they thought breastfeeding would make their breasts hang. It´s true that your breasts hangs more after you have given birth, but this effect already starts DURING pregnancy. Further “development” has noting to do with breastfeeding. This myth was created because women normally first discover this when they have to breastfeed.


Myth 4: If you feed your child with a bottle, he/she will not breastfeed anymore

It´s true that you probably shouldn’t introduce your child to a nursing bottle as the very first thing. But after having gotten used to breastfeeding, it is not gonna hurt your child to use the nursing bottle every once in a while. I´ve done it many times with my three children, every time I had important plans elsewhere. Off course, breastfeeding is the best option by far, but the nursing bottle is a great alternative when mom has to go out.


Myth 5: Stop breastfeeding immediately if you get infections

A myth created in the old days, which I have encountered multiple times. It´s not going to hurt your child if you breastfeed while having infections. Actually, breastfeeding is the best method avoiding getting infections in the first place. Just remember to stay warm and empty your breasts. Dont breastfeed too little on each breast, and remember to empty one breast before beginning with the other. This is my experience.

So keep breastfeeding even if it hurts in the beginning.

I´m going to give you an offer on a beautiful nursing dress and our pretty nursing blouses, which can help you avoid infections in your breasts. No matter what it is not easy to start nursing your child.

Black nursing dress with pockets and zipper nursing opening.

Black nursing dress with pockets and zipper nursing opening.

Model Chloé. One of my personal favourites for the season. The name is very classy, just as this dress! It´s very trendy, making dresses fit above the knee. This nursing dress has the perfect fit, and is a little baggy in a cool way, with pockets and a nice zipper-opening.

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Nursing dress with purple flower pattern and warp around look

Nursing dress with purple flower pattern and warp around look

This nursing dress has a very flattering cut, that I´m sure you´re going to love. The material is very soft, organic bamboo viscose, and can be used in everyday life as well as fine occasions.

You can purchase it in various colours.

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Blue nursing top - 100% wool

Blue nursing top – 100% wool

Pretty nursing top with soft cotton knit and blue color. This nursing top has wide straps and a deep round cut. It can be opened under your breast, giving easy breastfeeding options.

This top can be used with a cardigan or a shirt. It will keep you warm while looking good.

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Black/White striped nursing shirt made of organic cotton knit

Black/White striped nursing shirt made of organic cotton knit

Stripes. Stripes. Stripes. This years hot trend and beautiful cut. This nursing blouse is made in a soft cotton knit and can be used for everything.

Purchase it in various colours.

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