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Why is breastfeeding a good thing?

It is not always that everything is perfect or as you expected, when you are pregnant or during a birth. Many women have a great pregnancy and love to be pregnant, and many women have easy and unproblematic births. And then there are the rest where it did not go well, or the experience did not meet the expectations! Then …

1 day ago

Myths about Breastfeeding vol. 2

There are enough crazy Myths on Breastfeeding to make your head spin. So we have set forth to deliver some facts.😉 If you get Breast inflammation you should stop Nursing? NO, You should do the exact opposite! Keep nursing. This will help empty your mammary glands. And it is important that you completely empty out one breast before moving on …

3 weeks ago

Myths about Breastfeeding vol. 1

When you become a mother for the first time you can almost be sure to be bombarded with ever more vivid old wives tales on Breastfeeding. But what is up and what is down with these old myths? Myth no 1: ’If you are nursing to often, it is because you do not have enough milk’ – The truth is …

1 month ago

Should you breastfeed during the night?

In the good old days (where they actually?) giving birth often meant spending maybe a week in the hospital. And the babies where taken out at night so that the mothers could get their sleep. When the kid then woke the nurse would come in and wake the mom to have her breastfeed the little one. This is not how …

2 months ago

Get a good start Nursing your first

Let me start by stating the obvious. Also when it comes to Breastfeeding the old saying ’Practice makes perfect’ surely applies. Obviously no one knows how to nurse a baby before they actually start breastfeeding. So use your network of other moms, doctors and nurses that know about nursing. You may even want to ask your mom as she was …

2 months ago

How long does Nursing take?

When you have just given birth and maybe particularly when it is your first Breastfeeding does take time. All-in-all it may take up to one hour with the nursing and a little patting on the back afterwards. When you get a little more experience and as your baby gets just a few weeks older it will be much faster and …

2 months ago

Why should you Nurse your Baby?

It 2018 and it has long be established that Babies are really well served by being breastfed – and if it is at all possible for you – we imagine you are nursing. There may sometimes be reason that some women cannot nurse their baby and luckily there are now quite good solutions for them as well – but we …

3 months ago

Nursing when you have twins

Breastfeeding twins must almost be a full-time job. And I have so much respect for you women who keep on as long as you have milk and can manage it. I think that women who are breastfeeding twins should enjoy the same things as any nursing mum: your body is your temple, get as much rest as possible, you should …

4 months ago

Breastfeeding at the café and in public areas

Are you also one of those people who can’t wait to go outside once the sun starts to shine and spring is suddenly there? I was lucky that my child number three was a late summer child, which gave plenty of opportunities for “open air breastfeeding”. All over sudden, the whole city turned into my “playground”, where I could meet …

4 months ago

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

I am a happy mother for three children, all of whom have been breastfeeding for one year – but they are big now. I have always taught my kids that you not do anything for others to “get something back” but to do it because you want it, and that’s still how I am thinking today. I believe that nature …

5 months ago
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