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Breastfeeding at the café and in public areas

Are you also one of those people who can’t wait to go outside once the sun starts to shine and spring is suddenly there? I was lucky that my child number three was a late summer child, which gave plenty of opportunities for “open air breastfeeding”. All over sudden, the whole city turned into my “playground”, where I could meet …

4 days ago

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

I am a happy mother for three children, all of whom have been breastfeeding for one year – but they are big now. I have always taught my kids that you not do anything for others to “get something back” but to do it because you want it, and that’s still how I am thinking today. I believe that nature …

2 weeks ago

Ready for summer?

After a winter that seemed to last forever, we are more than ready for long, light days with blue skies and a sunny outlook. This inevitably also means that it’s time to clean out your wardrobe, and dig out your favorite dresses, light shirts and blouses in time for warmer weather. But where does this leave the nursing mother? Does …

1 month ago

Bamboo: Why You Need This Sustainable Natural Fiber in Your Nursing Wardrobe

Bamboo is a natural fibre with incredible qualities. It is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, and a much more eco-friendly and sustainable option than traditional cotton, as it needs very little water and no fertilizers to grow. These facts need to be considered not only by the textile industry, but by us, the consumers, as well, …

2 months ago

Wool is Better – And Here is Why!

The grey and dreary winter season is upon us. Though we have yet to experience a real snowfall, temperatures have already dropped to freezing on several occasions, and we are cold to the bone most days. As a nursing mother, freezing temperatures can seem extra tough to overcome. Not least because frosty weather and long stroller walks are an unappealing …

2 months ago

Woolen nursing clothes

Winter is here – and so is the risk of catching colds, a nasty flu, or a nursing mother’s worst enemy: painful mastitis. Mastitis can be contracted after having been exposed to cold environments, like nursing in a draughty room, or after light freezing, for instance after taking a winter walk with your sleeping baby. You will quickly recognize the …

3 months ago

Nighttime Breastfeeding – Stay Comfy In the Late Hours!

As a new mother, interrupted sleep due to breastfeeding a hungry baby quickly becomes a natural part of the nightly routine. This can feel like an extremely challenging part of an otherwise beautiful journey, but there are ways to make those nightly feedings hassle-free. Not every mother considers breastfeeding at night a major problem, some even get used to them, …

4 months ago

Breastfeeding on New Year’s Eve – How?

Most of us recognize the scenario: as new parents (or parents in general) a small thing like getting out the door can feel like an ordeal. So how do you prepare for your first big event with a baby? And how do you find the confidence to nurse while you’re out? Breastfeeding and New Year’s Eve do not necessarily have …

5 months ago

Maternity gifts for the Breastfeeding Mom

It’s the season of giving gifts and giving thanks. As the Holidays are approaching, we search desperately for the right presents for our loved ones that show them just how much we appreciate them. And who needs to be thanked and appreciated more than a new and breastfeeding mother? It is hard to know what to give a woman who …

6 months ago

Pregnant? New mum? – Congratulations!

As a new mum, breastfeeding can seem like a big thing. Even though it is the most natural thing in the world… But hang in there! There are so MANY BENEFITS OF BREASTFEEDING, for example: It is always available and the perfect temperature – so super convenient for tired mums at any place, any time during the day (and night!). …

8 months ago
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