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Breastfeeding on New Year’s Eve – How?

Most of us recognize the scenario: as new parents (or parents in general) a small thing like getting out the door can feel like an ordeal. So how do you prepare for your first big event with a baby? And how do you find the confidence to nurse while you’re out? Breastfeeding and New Year’s Eve do not necessarily have …

4 days ago

Maternity gifts for the Breastfeeding Mom

It’s the season of giving gifts and giving thanks. As the Holidays are approaching, we search desperately for the right presents for our loved ones that show them just how much we appreciate them. And who needs to be thanked and appreciated more than a new and breastfeeding mother? It is hard to know what to give a woman who …

3 weeks ago

Pregnant? New mum? – Congratulations!

As a new mum, breastfeeding can seem like a big thing. Even though it is the most natural thing in the world… But hang in there! There are so MANY BENEFITS OF BREASTFEEDING, for example: It is always available and the perfect temperature – so super convenient for tired mums at any place, any time during the day (and night!). …

3 months ago

Help! My child wants to breastfeed ALL THE TIME!!

…and I am at the end of my patience and energy – so I think. It really helps me in these situations to remind myself of the wise words “A baby’s wants are a baby’s needs”. I.e., my baby is never, ever asking for the breast (or anything else) because she is spoiled or wants to be spoiled. It is …

3 months ago

Breastfeeding! Natures greatest invention

Here I go again. Yes, I know I start preaching when it comes to nursing. But it’s just so hard for me to understand why some women choose not to nurse their children, when all research show that nursing results in smarter, healthier, and stronger kids. I know nursing doesn’t work for some women. And that’s a shame of course, but that’s how it is, and …

4 months ago

Spring on the way with new nursing clothes

I have nursed three children and nursed in all seasons and I loved every minute. Maybe not that time I had breast inflammation, but as a “soccer mom” I had to nurse everywhere in every type of weather. Except for this, everything was a pleasure. One good thing came from my breast inflammation when I nursed my second child about …

8 months ago

Why use nursing wear – is it necessary?

No not really, most of my friends did not use nursing clothes. They thought it was just a practical matter and they are absolutely right! However, I have sometimes been watching and smiling at a christening or get-together and enjoyed the “show” when baby is screaming, the breasts are leaking and the mother having no chance of getting to her …

8 months ago

10 fun facts about breastfeeding

Dear breastfeeding mothers, Examinations have shown us that children who have been breastfed, grow up to be smarter, healthier and stronger. But there are also a lot of fun facts about the subject. I have gathered 10 fun facts here::   You burn a lot of calories If only we had the same calorie consumption our entire lives as when …

1 year ago

Winter is coming. Avoid breastfeeding problems!

In the last couple of days i have felt a coolness in the air, when getting up in the morning. The sky is also dark when getting up early. Winter is coming. I always find it very hard to say goodbye to dear summer, but on the other hand the so called “dark time” is filled with many good moments. …

1 year ago

What is the meaning of this! Breastfeeding is natural

Okay. I´m disgusted. I feel like shouting: What is the meaning of this! The reason is that it´s still looked upon as something bad when women breastfeed in public places. The latest numbers coming from UK is showing that only 1 child out of 200 children, still gets breastfeeded when they’re 12 months old. Even though I know that UK …

1 year ago
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